Governor wife sighed in U. S. A giving alms to poor people

Her Excellency, High Chief Mrs Ebele Obiano was sighted in far away Houston USA giving alms to the homeless and the poor whites.

Is it commendable for a wife of a governor in Nigeria, the capital of poverty in the world going to help the poor whites in America, considered as the richest in the world with high per capita income.

It was an American research group that termed Nigeria the capital of poverty in the world where millions of families live below a dollar per day.

The research should go back to the research graph to re-plot it. Our leaders are in American this Christmas season feeding their own poor people in the street even when many couldn’t afford a cup of rice here.

One funny thing is that the media handlers of Osodieme are sharing the pictures and clapping for her.

How can a leader chose to celebrate her Christmas in oversea with the poor whites, when there are many poor blacks back home who voted them into power.

AIF Media