Two students of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Ahmed Usman and Ahmed Suleiman, have returned a missing N2.5million to the owner, Mallam Muhammad Kudu Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Art and Science, Federal College of Education, Kotangora, Niger State, misplaced the cash on Wednesday last week, CAMPUSLIFE learnt.

The Federal College of Education, Kotongora, is affiliated to ABU.

Suleiman, a 300-Level student of Social Studies Education, told CAMPUSLIFE how the money was found in an open bag.

He said: “It was on Tuesday (last week). The Students’ Union president and I were driving out of the school when we saw a leather bag and, on getting close, we realised that there was money in it.

“At first, we were scared seeing such amount of money in an open place. Besides, the leather bag was not zipped. I parked the car and we alighted from it. We looked around and nobody noticed us. Then, we picked the money, put it in the car and moved straight to the school’s security office. We gave the security man our phone numbers and told him to contact us should anybody complain of losing his or her valuables.”

Suleiman explained that though they dropped their contacts at the security unit, they decided not to disclose the contents in the bag.

“Yesterday, in the morning, I heard an announcement on the FM (radio station) that the owner of the money was looking for it. I immediately informed my friend who asked me what we could do, and I told him that he should wait until I get to the school.

“On getting to the school, there was a call for us to report at the security. We went there. We were asked what we saw. Meanwhile, the person who lost the money was with the security man awaiting our arrival,” Suleiman further explained..

Usman recalled how they both imagined what could be going on in the mind of the owner when they saw that the amount in the bag was huge.

“I was happy deep inside me because we never entertained any fraudulent thoughts. Naturally, different devilish thoughts jostled in our minds but thank God we were able to overpower such thoughts and kept the money until we saw the owner,” he said.

Kudu Ibrahim, who owns the cash said he had already lost hope of seeing it again. He praised Suleiman and Usman for their rare display of virtue.

He said: “It’s true I lost some amount of money by the roadside yesterday. I later went there to check if the money was there but, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. The actual amount is N2.5 million, and the money belongs to an association which I chair. It’s a thrift and loan scheme.

“I complained to the security officials of the school and I was told to wait because those who found the money left their contacts, should anybody come for missing items. I was given back the money intact. I was even asked to check through but I knew it was complete because it was packed in N500,000 each in the bag.”

Nonetheless, Ibrahim promised to compensate the two students with an undisclosed amount.

The Investigative Officer of the school, Mr Olusikun Samuel, also confirmed the missing cash had been found.

“I’m very familiar with the case. It was reported to us on Tuesday at 3:30pm. I handled the matter before we knew those persons that actually found the money which was N2.5million. I confirmed it,” he said.

In a telephone conversation with CAMPUSLIFE, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the school, Mr Andrew Pius Ibrahim, commended the students for returning such a huge amount. He added that the school management was aware of the matter.

“It’s a virtue that it’s only peculiar to few people. Not all persons can see such amount of money and return it. We really commend them and call on others to emulate them. It’s something the school is so proud of,” Andrew said.



Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry commissioned one of the biggest free Estates in Nigeria which is specifically for repented sex workers and girls rescued from baby selling syndicates.


The Free Estate that is situated at Omokiri Play Ground, Aluu

*Is built in a serene environment

*Has free skill acquisition centres where the girls would be trained on Hairdressing, tailoring, baking and toiletry making.

*Is made up of 72 flats comprising of one bedroom flats.

*Has a standby Sound prove generator

*And everything for comfortable living like quality water, free feeding, television sets to unwind, Etc is provided for the girls.

Speaking to the press, Apostle Chibuzor Reminded the people that his goal is not to build the biggest house or drive the best of cars but his goal is to see that souls make it to heaven and beaten and battered people are given a helping hand. He said that his target on earth is to make sure that two billions souls make heaven that is why he is doing everything possible to make his vision of two billion souls for heaven a possibility including rescuing sex workers selling their bodies for money. Apostle Chibuzor made it clear that they were more churches than schools yet children littered the area due to lack of education. He enjoined every pastor to make it a point of duty to open free schools for less privileged children and lend helping hands to the needy because church money is for Gods people and not for the pastor’s merriment. If every pastor made conscious effort to use some part of the tithes and offerings coming into church to open free foundations, crime would be curbed and poverty reduced to the barest minimum.

The girls that were preached to in Casablanca GRA and Cool breeze in Diobu, random repented sex workers, pregnant repented sex workers and girls rescued from the busted baby factory .ETC were beside themselves with joy as they moved into the free estate were everything is made available for them including feeding, clothing, toiletries and total body maintenance.

Some of the girls who spoke to the press were a 15years old girl that was rescued from the busted baby factory whom the church was sending back to school so that her dream of completing her education is a reality, the mother of three that was given one million, the girl that was sent to a nursing school and many others. Etc.  Some of the girls are gainfully employed in the OPM Free Hospital, others have shops and business places of their own while the rest are going through various kinds of trainings.


Not only the mothers were put into consideration, the babies were not left out as adequate provision like baby beds, baby food, baby clothing’s, medications ETC. was made available for the babies being born by the pregnant girls rescued from baby selling syndicates and other sex workers. The baby that was born by a mentally deranged woman was not left out even the baby of the woman who Apostle Chibuzor rescued from the clutch of a doctor that seized her child because she could not afford hospital bills. The woman was reunited with her baby .The children’s schooling and general welfare would be taken care of by the church.


Everything the church does is from the offerings and tithe.

Senator Dr Uba Sani distributes relief materials

Senator Dr Uba Sani distributes relief materials and the sum of 250,000 to the people of WUSAR community , Gwaraji ward, Igabi local Government.


Distinguised Senator Uba Sani has mandated a team led by the Zonal constituency officer to carryout distributions of relief materials to the family of the victims of Measles outbreak which happened recently in WUSAR Community in Igabi Local Government Area.


After the outbreak of the children killer disease which led to the death of some children, the Senator met with the parents and relatives of majority of the victims to offer his words of encouragement for their tribulation and promised to stand by them to ensure that no more deaths are recorded.


In fulfilment of his pledge, the Senator has ordered the immediate distribution of food items which includes bags of rice, cartons of pasta, gallons of cooking oil e.t.c . He donated in cash The Sum of 250,000   to the parents of the victims all in his quest to help them cushion the burden created as a result of the disease.


The Senator commends the state government for the timely intervention and adviced the leaders of the community to always ensure timely reporting of any abnormality in their community to forestore future reoccurrence.


Arc Abubakar Rabiu Abubakar


After a former sex worker who went into the distasteful trade of prostitution because the father of her 3 children abandoned her and bolted was preached to, she had a change of heart and decided to live a godly life and serve God.


Sometime ago we brought to public awareness good news about how Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere invaded the environs of Casablanca, preaching the gospel to sex workers that littered around the area. He took the girls to his home, fed them with good food, preached the word of God to them and gave them money to come to church the next Sunday if they decided to have a change of heart.


Cynthia.A . was one of such girls who made a decision to change for the better, she was in church the next Sunday and denounced on the altar. After denouncing, just like others, she was moved to the free estate set aside for repented sex workers; was taken through thorough rehabilitation and was empowered with money to start up a decent trade.


On the 14th of July 2019, she returned to the altar to thank God for his good works in her life, she said that she was so happy with her new found Christian life and her business was moving speedily. She was filled with emotion as she recounted her ugly past life style, her parents were pastors but yet she wallowed in sin and sunk deeper daily, everything they did to pull her out proved abortive until the intervention of Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere. She encouraged other girls who held fast to her past lifestyle to repent and give up on such waywardness because such life is far from being gainful.


After listening to her testimony and seeing her high level of genuine repentance, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere gifted her with the sum of 1 million Naira. She was beside herself with shock at the unexpected gift and thanked the man of God for his benevolence and generousity.


She was grateful for what was done for her and was given more. Gratitude is indeed the bedrock of success.


Congratulation Sis Cynthia,  you are now a proud millionaire.


Miefa Akpoebi Ebikebena

Corps members serving in Odi Kolokuma-Opokuma, LGA Bayelsa State under the Medical/Charity sub-CDS group pay visit to Mr. Tarkwa Gagariga, a retired civil servant with Bayelsa State Universal Basic Education Board.

Mr. Tarkwa Gagariga has been retired since 2008 as shown in a letter dated 26th August, 2008. He is yet to be diagnosed of any ailment, but symptoms suggested so far is related to stroke coupled with the story of he being abandoned as reported by neighbours.

After a thorough clean up of the house and environment of Mr. Tarkwa Gagariga, Corps members went ahead to make some tangible donations such as:

1. Shirt (3)

2. Short (2)

3. Rice (1 paint rubber)

4 Beans (1 paint rubber)

5. Garri (1 paint rubber)

6. Groundnut oil (2 littles)

7. Palm oil (2 littles)

8. Detergent (Biggest)

9. Toothpaste (Pepsodent)

10. Tooth brush

11. Tissue paper (biggest size)

12. Maggi (1 big pack)

13. Sachet Salt (big)

14. Bathing soap (premier cool)

15. Tomato paste (1 roll)

16. Bread

17. Tea and Milk

18. Sachet water (3 bags)

According to the Corps members, through the current CLO, Mr. Moyosade Ridwan  Olayemi, that NYSC motto is: Service and Humanity, and so the purpose of NYSC is National integration and service to humanity as a way of giving back to our communities. Sequel to this, all our humanitarian services and kindness in our little way to our host community Odi Bayelsa State  is for God Almighty who is rewarder of men.

This is not the first time of doing so. In June 2019, we carried out a medical outreach in the community which over 200 people benefited, and other documented projects carried so far. Putting smiles on people’s faces especially the less privileges is our AIM and GOAL, because we are sure of God’s reward, the CLO said.

The following are the names of the Medical/Charity sub-CDS members who took part in the humanitarian service:


1. Ajana Feranmi, BY/18C/2085

2. Johnny Joyce, BY/18C/1267

3. Emmanuel Deborah, BY/18C/1337

4. Anyiema R. Ishioma, BY/18C/1203

5. Ekwueme Vivian Udoka, BY/18C/0345

6. Moyosade R. Olayemi, BY/18C/1222

7. Nnamdi U. Victoria, BY/18C/1028

8. Adigun Ismael Oladapo, BY/18C/0928

9. Okpozo E. Blessing, BY/18C/1164

10. Moses Emmanuel C., BY/18C/2491

11. Omorodion Loveth, BY/18C/3151

12. Awhopuye Bradley A., BY/18C/2001

13. Akamune O. Talenta, BY/18C/1763

14. Efedjare Merit, BY/18C/2231

15. Ekhoye O. Michael, BY/18B/1902

16. Kukogho B. Tejiri, BY/18B/2454

17. Anagor Perpetual, BY/18C/3075

18. Suleiman A. Nasiru, BY/19A/0142

19. Hicks Grace Modupe, BY/19A/1301

20. Bolarinwa Damilola, BY/19A/0911

21. Oyedemi T. Blessing, BY/19A/1318

22. Ebie Confidence C., BY/19A/1511


We the NYSC Medical/Charity sub- CDS group Odi, Kolokuma Opokuma LG Bayelsa State urges all Nigerian who can afford 3 square meal at least to make NYSC motto Service and Humanity a watchword. Let’s be a reason to someone’s joy and happiness by giving to the needy.

The Corps members call on well meaning Nigerians, NGO, Government to assist them in taking proper care of Mr. Tarkwa Gagariga, (senior citizen) medically, which ordinarily, they can’t afford the finance. There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people.








Her Excellency Dr. Mariya Aminu Waziri Tambuwal (Uwar Marayu) earlier today, paid a visit to Habibu  A. Nakasari at Dr. Hassan’s Hospital Maitama Abuja in order to follow up on how the victim of the tragic amputation accident is responding to treatment.


Habibu who is the Class Representative of the level 200 English Department students at Usman Danfodio University, was ambushed by some criminals who had his hands amputated and stole away his motorcycle.


Dr. Mariya Tambuwal preached words of wisdom to him and urged Habibu never to relent in his pursuit for a better life because of his disability and prayed for his speedy recovery.


While thanking Her Excellency for the kind gesture, Habibu promised to heed to the encouraging pieces of advice.



Abdulqahar Abdullahi Esq

Media and Communications


Alex Ikwechegh Foundation Visits Woman Whose Fingers Were Cut Off By Fulani Herdsmen

Alex Ikwechegh Foundation Visits Woman Whose Fingers Were Cut Off By Fulani Herdsmen In Aba, Gives Her Cash, Employment Opportunity (Photos)


A charity organization, Alex Ikwechegh Foundation has visited Miss Esther Nmecha, a lady whose fingers were chopped off by Fulani herdsmen in Aba in March 31, 2019.


ABN TV gathered that the proprietor of the Foundation and a former Aba North Chairman, Alex Ikwechegh during the visit made a cash donation of undisclosed amount and offered an employment opportunity to the victim to take care of her personal needs.


Mr. Ikwechegh who was represented by the Spokesperson of the Foundation, said he was shocked when he heard of the news of Miss Esther Nmecha’s plight.


“We are here because our Chairman, Alex Ikwechegh understands your plight. In fact, he was dejected and devastated when he heard the news and that’s why he sent us to donate this money to you.


“This is not Abia State that we use to know before. We had peace but now with the coming of the Herdsmen, our people now live in fear which ought not to be so.


“We want peace in our state and hopefully, the security agents will act immediately to stop the nefarious activities of the Herdsmen, ” he said.


He also charged the security agencies to bring the perpetrators of the dastardly act to justice.


Narrating her ordeal, the victim, Miss Esther Nmecha said trouble started around 4pm on the fateful day when herdsmen encroached on her business premises along Peoples Road, Ogbor Hill, Aba.


She said an appeal to the invaders to leave the premises fell on deaf ears as they threatened to kill her.


“In making real their threat, one of the Fulani herdsmen brought out his machete and targeted to cut my neck.


“It was in an attempt to defend myself that he missed his target and cut off my four fingers.


“I was rushed to the Police Clinic at the Central Police Station, Aba, where they immediately referred me to the Aba General Hospital as a result of the critical nature of my case.”


“I thank Ikwechegh for coming to my aid, may God bless him abundantly “.


ABN TV reports that the woman, Miss Esther Nmecha, needed N60,000 for treatment and had solicited for help from Nigerians.


The Foundation also paid hospital bills of other patients in the hospital.


The patients thanked the Foundation for coming to their aid at this critical time and asked God to bless him.

My new friend

Meet my new friend, his name is Adam. I met this determined hard working boy on Thursday morning at a Washing bay in my area, he had a basket of yellow bananas which he sales for a living, being a little boy that he is I got interested in knowing why he was selling bananas at the age of 7yrs because I had a sense that he is quite young to be doing this. He told me his story:

His mother died when he was 3 months old, after the mother’s death, his father disappeared and abandoned him completely, the family members took him to the village to live with his grandmother, it was at the age of 4 that his grandmother opened up to him about his mother’s passing. When he made 5yrs, the situation became so hard in the village and his Aunty picked him up and brought him to her residence in Ndeeba. The Aunty told him to hawk bananas as a source of income to raise money for his school fees, he has to work every single day during the holidays to secure fees for every term. When I saw him yesterday, I gave him 20,000 and told him to go back home and rest b’se he was looking so tired and exhausted. When he reached home he put 5k into his private wooden money tin and handed over 15k to his Aunty as the yield for the day. Yesterday I told him to come and meet me up today at the same location where we met, he had to get there at 10am this morning but he made it at 8:30am. We have spent the whole day together, took him to town for shopping, had breakfast and lunch together, took him to my place and he showered very well, then went to meet his Aunty at their residence, the Aunty is a tailor and doesn’t gain much from her job and can’t afford the basics of life. I can’t share what she told me about her struggles because it is so emotional and heartbreaking. I have paid his school fees until 2021(I have left the fees with the Aunty). When i was leaving him he said “Today is the best day of my life”. He cried and I too broke down because the moment has been over sentimental and the day has been emotional all through.


Note: This post is not a show off and I know I cant take all the kids off the road but this boy is just one out of the many but one day God will see us through.

May God bless you as you too help somebody in your own capacity. Blessings.

-Sammer Timé




Dolls Out X-mas Gift Items to Children.


The Deputy Chief Of Staff to the Governor of Bayelsa State , Mrs Ebizi  Ndiomu-Brown has dolled out gift items for the Yuletide season to over 500 children in Odoni Community .


Mrs. Ndiomu-Brown while spending quality time with the children from the various quarters in the community said, the occasion was intended to put smiles on the faces of those children and integrate them into the celebration of Christmas.


She said Christmas was a period to spread love and generate happiness for persons, especially children and less-privileged people, who need assistance to meet some of their needs.


The Deputy Chief Of Staff who has turned the occasion to a yearly event also assured the people of Odoni Community of her unalloyed support for the development of the Community especially in giving the right education to the children which she described as “ potential leaders”.


According to Mrs. Ndiomu-Brown “ Christmas celebrations are not complete when we have not touched these children tenderly. We have to make them feel loved and cared for in these Yuletide season.


The Deputy Chief Of Staff while throwing light on the purpose of the celebration said, the sole objective of putting smiles on the faces of that category of persons, promising that she  would unfold more children and women-friendly programmes in the coming year.


She also used the medium to caution parents not to loose focus on their responsibilities to look after their children and wards as the Yuletide season also comes with some untold stories.


Pere Okoyen

18Years Old Boy Rescue 5 Persons Trapped In Collapse Building In Port Harcourt

18Years Old Boy Rescues 5 Persons Trapped In Collapse Building In Port Harcourt.

This is MOSES PETERSIDE, He has directly been involved in over 5 rescues. He did this voluntarily.

Moses has unarguably been one of the most outstanding volunteer on site. In one of the rescues, Moses went under the debris, risking it all.

At the time of my chat with him, he just finished taking injections for an injury he had under his foot.

Moses has been a key part of this rescue and like a mini super hero here.

Moses is a Rivers indigene from Opobo. He is 18yrs, has no phone, leave with the sister at no. 2 Bende street and only secondary school dropout.

SOURCE: Ugochukwu Tony

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