Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry commissioned one of the biggest free Estates in Nigeria which is specifically for repented sex workers and girls rescued from baby selling syndicates.


The Free Estate that is situated at Omokiri Play Ground, Aluu

*Is built in a serene environment

*Has free skill acquisition centres where the girls would be trained on Hairdressing, tailoring, baking and toiletry making.

*Is made up of 72 flats comprising of one bedroom flats.

*Has a standby Sound prove generator

*And everything for comfortable living like quality water, free feeding, television sets to unwind, Etc is provided for the girls.

Speaking to the press, Apostle Chibuzor Reminded the people that his goal is not to build the biggest house or drive the best of cars but his goal is to see that souls make it to heaven and beaten and battered people are given a helping hand. He said that his target on earth is to make sure that two billions souls make heaven that is why he is doing everything possible to make his vision of two billion souls for heaven a possibility including rescuing sex workers selling their bodies for money. Apostle Chibuzor made it clear that they were more churches than schools yet children littered the area due to lack of education. He enjoined every pastor to make it a point of duty to open free schools for less privileged children and lend helping hands to the needy because church money is for Gods people and not for the pastor’s merriment. If every pastor made conscious effort to use some part of the tithes and offerings coming into church to open free foundations, crime would be curbed and poverty reduced to the barest minimum.

The girls that were preached to in Casablanca GRA and Cool breeze in Diobu, random repented sex workers, pregnant repented sex workers and girls rescued from the busted baby factory .ETC were beside themselves with joy as they moved into the free estate were everything is made available for them including feeding, clothing, toiletries and total body maintenance.

Some of the girls who spoke to the press were a 15years old girl that was rescued from the busted baby factory whom the church was sending back to school so that her dream of completing her education is a reality, the mother of three that was given one million, the girl that was sent to a nursing school and many others. Etc.  Some of the girls are gainfully employed in the OPM Free Hospital, others have shops and business places of their own while the rest are going through various kinds of trainings.


Not only the mothers were put into consideration, the babies were not left out as adequate provision like baby beds, baby food, baby clothing’s, medications ETC. was made available for the babies being born by the pregnant girls rescued from baby selling syndicates and other sex workers. The baby that was born by a mentally deranged woman was not left out even the baby of the woman who Apostle Chibuzor rescued from the clutch of a doctor that seized her child because she could not afford hospital bills. The woman was reunited with her baby .The children’s schooling and general welfare would be taken care of by the church.


Everything the church does is from the offerings and tithe.