On the 12th of March 2020 Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere paid a visit to his maternal home. Late Nwakaego Chinyere, the beloved mother of Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere was born into Ezedim village in Oba Community, Anambra state.
Apostle Chibuzor embarked on the trip to
Oba in Anambara state with the sole aim of witnessing the graduation ceremony of graduands who were graduating from the OPM free skill acquisition centre in Oba, Empowering them with starter parks and seeing to the welfare of the Oba people.

Upon his arrival to Oba Community, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere received a grand reception by the people of Oba in Anambara state.
The women, clad in matching wrappers and head gear danced and welcomed their son while the men were full of smiles. The youths were not left out, everybody was out to welcome an illustrious son .According to the people, this was not Apostle Chibuzor’s first time of visiting his maternal home, he had made several other visits in company of his entourage bringing to the doorsteps of the oba people mouth watering Gifts and empowerment schemes of various kinds.

The visitation of Apostle Chibuzor to the Oba Community attracted men and women from all works of life. Even though the notice of Apostle Chibuzor’s coming was very short, women and men travelled long distances to be part of the occassion.
The OPM branch in Onitsha and its environs were also not left out, they came out in mass to support and welcome the G.O of omega power Ministries.

The event started with an opening prayer by Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere after which the Elders and the women presented kola’s which was blessed by one of the oldest elders present according to the tradition in igbo land.
The Elders, men and women, umu Ada (Oba women who married out of the village), Umu
Iyum (Women married into Oba), Church members, pastors and youths all came with gifts. A group known as Obaligo intellectuals presented Apostle Chibuzor with an award for his passion, unconditional commitment and selfless act of kindness towards the youths of Oba.

The Oba people whose children were beneficiaries of the OPM free educational scholarship all came to testify, they shed tears of joy as they thanked Apostle Chibuzor for what he had done in the lives of their children. According to them ,in their state of poverty, Apostle Chibuzor came and lent them a helping hand, now they were proud parents of children studying overseas.

After presenting the certificates and sewing machines to the graduands from the tailoring section of OPM free skill
acquisition centre in Oba, Apostle Chibuzor promised the people that more skills would be incorporated into the OPM Skill acquisition centre in Oba, Anambara state. He gave huge cash Gifts to various groups and shocked the people further by asking that the elders and women produce a candidate each who would be beneficiaries of the next batch of the OPM overseas scholarship. He told the people that the two people who would be selected must be from less privileged homes and would be leaving with him to Port Harcourt as their travel process would begin immediately. According to Apostle Chibuzor, Four young men and women from Oba, Anambara state had already been selected for the overseas scholarship. The two that the men and women would present would make them six .

After much deliberation the women presented Miss Chidinma Favour Okwudinke a child of a struggling widow while the Elders and youths presented Master Obienu Uchechukwu Chiadikaobi, a young man who had in the past sold his bike and everything he had to raise money to further his education. It was all in futility but little did he know that God had a better package in stock for him.

It was jubilation in Ezedim village in Oba Community, Anambara state as they bade Chidinma and Uchechukwu farewell. Men, women and children were seen pouring blessings upon the life of Apostle Chibuzor who chose not to forget his root.

God bless the greatest philanthropist of our time for putting smiles on the faces of the poor and needy.