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In furtherance of its efforts to effectively employ scientific approaches to crime fighting, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has commissioned the newly remodelled and equipped Forensic Crime Laboratory at the 057 Provost Investigation Group (057 PIG) Ikeja, Lagos. The event, which took place today, 24 September 2018, also witnessed the commissioning of a newly constructed Headquarters Building for 057 PIG, which is aimed at ensuring a conducive environment for the NAF Directorate of Air Provost to effectively and efficiently carry out criminal investigations as well as train its personnel.

Speaking during the commissioning, the Guest of Honour, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, lauded the efforts of the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, in providing a befitting and functional environment whilst making inroads in the application of forensics in policing. According to him, the reactivation of the Lab is a testimony of the NAF leadership’s commitment to push the boundaries and improve on the methodologies and technological platforms to detect and analyse evidence of crime in the Service. He remarked that the effectiveness of the facility could, with time, become a force multiplier with regards to raising and maintaining the morale of airmen which would, in turn, enhance operational capability. While urging the beneficiaries of the facility to exploit its potential to the maximum, Mr Idris commended the CAS for the unprecedented achievements recorded in the area of capacity building in the NAF as well as for playing a pivotal role in bringing normalcy to troubled areas of the country.

While making his remarks, the CAS noted that the rapid growth of technology has led to an increase in the rate and extent of crimes. He observed that, following the expansion of the NAF Force Structure, it became obvious that the Service required a law enforcement arm with the capacity to effectively employ scientific approaches in all facets of its critical competencies, in order to enhance security and discipline in the Service. He noted that it was in fulfilment of this requirement that the new PIG Headquarters Building and NAF Forensic Crime Lab were being commissioned. Air Marshal Abubakar stated that, as a prerequisite to provision of the Lab, the NAF had embarked on the conduct of various specialists training for the personnel to man the Group. In this regard, the NAF, in conjunction with foreign partners from the United Kingdom (UK), had trained 16 Provost personnel in the Core Investigative Skills and Interview Techniques, while another set of 16 personnel would be concluding the Crime Scene Investigation Course by the end of the week. It is noteworthy that the last time such training was conducted in the NAF was about 30 years ago.

The CAS further disclosed that the investigative capacity of the Provost would be further enhanced through the training of 10 Provost Officers in the Advanced Detective Course at the Police Staff College Jos before the end of the year. He mentioned that the NAF was also expanding and enhancing its utilization of Military Working Dogs to boost physical security of critical NAF Bases as well as for integration into the conduct of Combat Search and Rescue operations. “In the same vein, 140 Air Provost personnel would soon commence the Force Protection in Complex Air Ground Environment training, in conjunction with the British Military Advisory Training Team. Furthermore, the rejuvenation of the Air Provost’s Explosive Ordnance Detection capability is projected to commence by the end of this year”, Air Marshal Abubakar added. The CAS also seized the opportunity to thank the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Muhammadu Buhari, for his leadership and determination in providing the enabling environment for the NAF to thrive, while also expressing the gratitude of the Service to the National Assembly, especially the Senate and House of Representatives Committees on the Air Force, for their commitment in appropriating the resources to enable the NAF effectively perform its constitutional roles. The CAS equally congratulated the NAF Logistics Branch for undertaking the work by Direct Labour. Air Marshal Abubakar ended by charging all Air Provost personnel to develop a strategic foresight founded on innovation, flexibility, willingness to collaborate with other security agencies as well as objectivity and fairness, in order to successfully meet the demands of contemporary policing.

Earlier in his address, the Commander 057 PIG, Group Captain Garuba Bello, stated that the Forensic Lab would significantly assist Air Provost Investigators in obtaining credible evidence for successful prosecution of cases in a court of law while also adding to the country’s crime fighting resources. One of the highlights of the event was the simulation of a Crime Scene Investigation, conducted by resource persons from Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions UK and NAF personnel, to demonstrate the intricate process involved in evidence collection/capturing as well as the importance of ensuring effective control at a crime scene.

Air Commodore
Director of Public Relations and Information
Nigerian Air Force

Mrs Okowa pays N5.1M for 25 needy patients

Joyful tears as Mrs Okowa pays N5.1m for 25 needy patients

It was an emotional day for many indigent patients at the Federal Medical Centre, Delta State as the wife of the state Governor, Dame Edith Okowa facilitated the payment of bills of 25 patients who were set for discharge but could not pay.

At a ceremony in Asaba, tagged “International Day of Charity”, Mrs Okowa raised a total of five million, one hundred thousand naira (N5.1 million) from good spirited Nigerians in Delta to pay the bills of the poor patients.

Some of the beneficiaries of the kind gesture could not hold back tears as they danced and jumped upon hearing their names on the list of those whose bills had been paid.

A number of the patients had been in the hospital for several moths receiving treatments and have remained in the hospital for more months after being discharged due to their inability to pay their bills.

Some of the patients were owing almost five hundred thousand Naira. Mrs Promise Lazarus who was attacked by her husband could not hold back tears over the gesture of Dame Okowa.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Promise Lazarus was a victim of domestic violence: she was attacked by her husband with a machete in February and was admitted to the Hospital for six months.

Upon being discharged, she was unable to pay her bill of N492,000 and had to remain in the hospital until the State First Lady came to her rescue with the charity programme.

Another beneficiary who wept uncontrollable, not only had her bill of N346, 800 paid but was handed to an associate of Dame Okowa as she had nowhere to go from the hospital.

Another beneficiary whose bills were paid and she was given accommodation

Speaking at the event, Mrs Okowa told the patients and management of the hospital that all the money came from good spirited Nigerians and not from the state government.
She said that the gesture is part of the Charity Day which is commomerated on September 5th to reach out to the poor.

For her, the reach out to indigent patients in the hospital was a way to increase solidarity, social responsibility, volunteerism and public support.

Mr Okowa stressed that the event was also aimed at raising public awareness on the need for charity work, noting that being alive does not necessarily mean ‘we are the best but what we do today is what we will reap tomorrow.’

“It is not only the rich that should give help but every Nigerian should give because giving is a spirit that should be imbibed by all human beings.

The Delta First Lady said that she derived her passion to give from a passage in the Holy Bible: Matthew Chapter 25: 35 – 36 which said ‘I was hungry and ye gave me meat, I was thirsty and ye gave me drink, I was a stranger and ye took me in, naked and ye clothed me, I was in prison and ye came to me.”

She commended the management of the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, for treating patients first without demanding monies.
For the Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Victor Osiatuma, he commended Dame Okowa for her charity works across the state, and affecting the lives of many.

He recalled that Mrs Okowa had initiated many programmes to help the poor, including building sickle centres, free health programmes and her charity works.

“Last year, specifically, September 5, 2017, the governor’s wife also, through the pet project, 05 initiative, spent over N2.3million to bail out 13 patients who also could not pay their medical bills at the same hospital,” he said.

Some of the beneficiaries include: Chukwunyem Esther, N310, 850; Chukwudi Joshua, N135, 700; Okolie Ifeanyi, N439, 200; Ubong Kingsley, N307, 050 and Onwugbolu Sunday, N221, 000.

Others are; Oki John, 422, 000; Obi Jerry, N216, 350; Obianke Onyisi-Ken, N171; 850; Okoh Patrick, N597, 700 and Edhu Ejiro, N160, 850.

Responding, a beneficiaries Mrs. Promise Lazarus, expressed happiness over the gesture.

She thanked the governor’s wife, the people of Delta state and the management of the Federal Medical Centre for their magnanimity to her and other patients.

Ifeanyi Nwoko

Poor gala seller shoving gala to prisoners van for free.

I witnessed something incredible & humbling today. Just shows that you don’t need to be rich, or have a lot of money to be charitable.

Driving past Lagos House/Marina exit, there was this Nigeria Prison Force van heading to Ikoyi Prison stuck in traffic (as usual), with the prisoners in it shoving their hands through the vents of the van & shouting inaudible stuff.

Then I noticed this Gala seller shoving Gala into the tiny peeking fingers of the prisoners, one by one. As the traffic started moving, he ran across the road, put his basket on the curb, grabbed a handful of Gala and ran back to the Prison van.

At this point, he’s running alongside the van, just shoving Gala into the van through the tiny bars. Even the Warden benefited.

I was in awe!!! He couldn’t even see prisoners, just those fingers!

As traffic freed up & he walked back to his ware on the curb, I had to stop him, & asked if they paid for the Gala, thinking the Warden might have paid. He said no, he just gave they because they were begging for help, that they were hungry.

I could believe it. So how many Gala did you give them? He said he didn’t know, he was just giving them, not counting how many!

Here was a poor street hawker, giving away half his wares, because random people he did know needed help and were hungry!!

So what is your excuse???

I wish I had more money on me at that moment…. I pray I see him again tomorrow.

I pray that poor Gala hawker will always find help at his point of need, and food whenever he his hungry, just as he met the need of those prisoners today.

Little things that rekindle my faith in Humanity.

Denike Ajitena

The gala seller is pictured below:

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